Install Script for Transmission (v2.84) SeedBox on CentOS 6.5

![torrent file type pic](/content/images/2014/Jul/torrent300x300.png)

This is an updated version of the script posted at [Transmission SeedBox]( for installing transmission on a CentOS (6.5) server. (Please see the orignial post for more details).

Three lines!:

# wget
# chmod u+x
# ./


You can now use the transmisson-remote-gui front-end app to access your install remotely, or access the web interface via the web URL http://<YOUR-SERVER-IP>:9091

Go ahead and try downloading a torrent:
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server (64bit)

EDIT: What's updated from the original?

  • Added xz to the install on line 9 to enable tar to untar the transmission-2.84.tar.xz file
  • ~~Updated the libevent package from version libevent-2.0.19-stable.tar.gz to libevent-2.0.21-stable.tar.gz
    And switched the download URL from github to sourceforge (due to SSL handshake errors with some versions of wget and the orignal URL)~~
  • 9th July 2015: Updated libevent to version libevent-2.0.22-stable.tar.gz & URL from dead sourceforge link to github (see here)
  • Updated the CSF firewall restart command from service csf restart to csf -r

If you spot any errors or have any issues, please do leave a comment here or on GitHub


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